Friday, January 20, 2012

Popcorn Cupcakes

Zoe's 2nd Birthday is coming up next week.  Tuesday to be exact.  I know it so cliche to say, but I just cannot believe how time flies!  She's an amazing little girl.  Feisty at times but such a love bug!  We are celebrating her birthday next weekend.  I'll be turning our house into a Big Top Carnival!  I've got most everything I need already but there are still a few details left undone.

There will be a small round cake and POPCORN CUPCAKES!  I decided I needed to start practicing on some of the sweets we'll have for the candy/desert table.  I didn't want to encounter any surprises the day or two before the party when I start making everything.  Yesterday I worked on the cupcakes.

I didn't use a special recipe although my mom says I should, we'll see... Yesterday I just used boxed cake mix and frosting.  For the "popcorn" I used mini marshmallows.  I took a pair of scissors and snipped an "X" from one end into the middle of the marshmallow.  My friend Berlitz told me to squish them after that step and it would make the "pop" look more realistic. That was after I had already finished though.  So I'll try that when I officially make them for the party.

Frost your cupcakes, not too much and not too little.  Then start placing the uncut side of the marshmallows down on the frosting.  I like starting from the edge, not from the middle and place them as close and you can to one another.

For the "butter" look I used yellow food coloring.  3 drops or so into a small bow and added about 1 tbls. of water.  I used a silicone brush, dipped it into the "butter" and lightly brushed it onto the top of the marshmallows until I got the desired look.

And here is what you get:

Here's a pic with the sleeve that will go around the cupcakes the day of the party:

And here's one with little sticky fingers (Zoe):

I think they will be fun!  

What do you think?

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