Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrating Zoe's Birthday

We had a lot of fun celebrating Zoe's Birthday last night.  

Abi (my mom) made a delicious banana pound cake with cream cheese frosting.  Lot's of fingers dipped in the frosting before we actually sung Happy Birthday.  

Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Melanie, came over with Lily Bug.  

Zoe was digging all of the attention.  

After singing in both english and spanish (my family is from Puerto Rico) we all chowed down.  

Happy Birthday again Zoe!  

I cannot wait for her party on Saturday!

DELISH banana pound cake Abi made.

Zoe and her biggest sister Kiki, a.k.a Kelsey.

Zoe about to blow out the candles.

She did such a good job blowing out the candles.

Zoe with her Mami & Papi.

Kiki & Mia

Locke & Zoe cheesin'!

Abu (my dad) and Abi, he could not resist cheesing either.

Melanie & Lily Bug

Sweet, sister love.

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