Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goodwill Hunting!

Couldn't help myself with the title!  Teehee...

I'm new to the blogging world and have had such fun searching for fun blogs.  There are some amazing ones out there but my favorite has to be Young House Love by far! John and Sherry Petersik are not designers, as they say in their own blog, "We’re not experts, just DIY dorks who like learning as we go and sharing our adventures and misadventures with the world."  I love that!  They started their blog as a hobby and transformed it into much more which is exactly what I hope to do here.  They have been featured in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself and shows such as The Nate Berkus ShowHere is a link to their "About" section of their blog. 

One day while hunting through their blog, I came upon this post, where Sherry wrote about a day that they spent with their friends and fellow bloggers, Katie and Jeremy Bower from Bower Power.  By the way, I am now obsessed with her blog as well!

I can go on and on about their blogs and what I love about them.  But I won't.  At least not right now.  Sherry and Katie went hunting for treasures at their local Goodwill and since I haven't been junkin' (aka Yard Salin') in while, I got my mommy to go with me to our local Goodwill to see if we had any luck. And, I did

Although I didn't chronicle our hunt through photos or video as Sherry did, I do have some pics to share of the treasures I did find.  Oh, we also stopped by our mall beforehand and did a bit of window shopping.  Of course, the girls had to have a ride on the Carousel!

My beautiful Mia!
She wasn't too much about the pics today.
For some reason Zoe wanted nothing to do with the carousel.
Poor baby...I couldn't help myself to snap a pic!  I know, I'm a mean mommy!
As soon as it started moving she was thrilled!
Guess she didn't want a pic with Mami.
So, here was my first find.  I was so happy.  The texture and color reminds me of vintage crocks I love.  I paid $6.06 for it.
Here's a closeup.
While looking through the section of baskets I came upon these!  I think someone might have hid them or maybe decided they didn't want them because the artwork was in a complete different section of the store.  I snagged these for $2.06 each!
I love the texture on them. 
And here is where they landed in our house!  Remember how it looked before?  As you know, we are getting the house ready to sell and have been looking for inexpensive artwork in de-personalize our home.  Not too bad I'd say.

So, what do you think?

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