Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have I ever told you...

Have I ever told how talented my husband is?  He's a Chef (studied at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island), he's one of the most athletic 44 year old I know and he's a mechanic (was a Machinery Technician in the U.S. Coast Guard for years) and he's one hell of a race car driver!  These are just a few of his talents.  The last leads me to what I'm going to write about in this blog entry.

Locke has always dreamed about racing.  He's always known that it's what he wanted to do, and sometimes even feels that it was a calling that he let fall by the wayside.  Some people may think of that as being conceited, but I think that's what actually makes him so talented.  I've always been his number one fan and encouraged him to follow his dream.  So, this past year, with the help of some wonderful sponsors, a lot of time and a lot of money, we did just that.  He put together is first Street Stock and raced his Rookie year at East Bay Raceway Track in Tampa, FL!

The U.S. Coast Guard sponsored him the wrap.  

He was one of the best looking cars on the track!

I have to say that for being his Rookie year and only being able to race 1/3 of the scheduled races due to his work duty schedule he did amazing!

Locke's first time out on the track he won the Feature race for his class.  At the end of the race season, he ended up being one of the top ten drivers in his class, finishing 8th in points!

Last weekend was the East Bay Raceway Park 36th Annual Winternationals.  He raced in the Street Stock Class on Saturday.  Although he didn't win, Locke had an awesome car that night!  He started all the way in the back (24 cars were racing) and went all the way up to 3rd!  He spun out (don't know if he did it on his own or if he was spun by another car) and he ended up having to replace a tire putting him back a lap.  Once he got back on the track he was able to make it to 12th place before the race was cut short due to time.  You may not have won, but you did awesome baby!  I was proud to be there cheering you on along with the rest of your "Fan Club"!

Getting ready for his heat.

Last minute changes before the Feature Race.

Mark, our neighbor and friend, AND also one of our sponsors of the night.  Thanks Mark!

In the zone.
Locke & his "Trophy Wife"!  LOL!

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