Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mami got away...

Last Saturday, after Zoe's party, I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, packed and headed out on a 4 hour trip to Miami!  Our friend, Ana, and I had been planning for a couple months for me to go visit her (on that specific day) because she was going to be running the ING Miami Half Marathon (her second) and would also be going to a country concert that same night.  Anita is a Miami girl at heart and recently discovered that country music isn't all honkey tonk.  I didn't know anything about country music either until I met Locke.  The Zac Brown Band would be performing among others.  We all decided it would be the perfect time for Miami (ME!) to go for a couple days and have a much needed break!

The trip went very smoothly.  It was my first time driving for so many hours on my own at night.  I had the music blasting the whole way and sung to my hearts content!  I arrived at about 11 PM, Anita and I talked for a few minutes and we went to bed as it would be an early day for us on Sunday.

We got up at about 4:15 AM, showered and dressed and headed out to meet her team about about 4:45 AM.  We all walked over to where the start of the race was right in front of the Freedom Tower.  I saw them off, had breakfast and mosied my way over to the finish line.  It was a lot of fun being there and seeing all the firsts.  The first male and females to cross the finish line for both the half and full marathons.  The moms and dads who grabbed their children and crossed the line carrying them.  There was not a dull moment.  As the time approached for Ana's time goal I kept a lookout for her.  I don't remember her exact time but it was somewhere around 2:45.  I didn't think that she'd see me at the finish line but I screamed and waved enough that she was able to.  Pretty awesome experience if I do say so myself.  We are so proud of you Ana!  WAY TO GO!

It took me awhile to meet up with her afterwards.  Once we reunited, she rested for a while longer and then we made our way back to her place.  We showered and got dressed in less than half an hour!  I don't know how we did it!  We left to her parents place to meet up with her sister and made our way over to the concert.  

Once we got there, we didn't have money because we used every last penny we had in cash to buy our tickets.  We ran into some of her friends there, drank some "refreshments" with them.  We hung out, chatted and listened to music for awhile.  Zac Brown Band was coming up soon and we were starving so we tried a couple of portable ATM's there (reception was TERRIBLE) and finally had luck with one.  We had just enough time to get some food before they started performing.  Once they did we got our singing on!  

What a blast we had!

I don't remember what time we got back to Ana's place that night.  We got there, showered and layed down in her living room.  I think I fell asleep on her couch before I even made it to the bed!  If I was exhausted, than I don't know what she was after running a half marathon that morning!  Ana just goes, goes, goes!  I don't know how you do it girl!  

I thought I would be sleeping in that morning, but no...I woke up at about 7 AM and couldn't get back to sleep.  Ana was up just a little while after me.  We got dressed and headed out to breakfast where she treated me with a yummy Cuban breakfast at a diner in Miami Beach.  After breakfast we walked over to the beach and put our toes in the sand.  

It was a beautiful morning.  

Perfect way to end a short but fun weekend with a wonderful friend!

Thank you Anita for having me, and thank you mi amor for encouraging me to go.  

Looking forward to my next girls weekend!  

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