Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: DELAY

I cannot believe that I have yet to post an update for the

but that's only because I haven't finished my project...

TISK, TISK, TISK Melissa!!!

We have been hit hard this past week financially so I didn't even consider purchasing the things I needed in order to finish my project. Some dumb dumb stole my husbands SS# and filed their taxes using it (now we don't know when we will be getting our return) and both of our vehicles need some type of repair. Only one of them is drivable. Thank goodness Locke is a great mechanic, he will be able to fix our truck.

So, now that we've got things in order, I should be able to buy the supplies today. Sometime within the next day or two I will have pics posted.

Until then, you should visit the blogs of the hosts of the Pinterest Challenge and see their creations.

Katie from Bower Power

Sherry from Young House Love

Cassie from Hi Sugarplum

Also check out my friends challenge:

Katie from Quality Cheap Home

Now, I gotta get on it!

Pinterest Challenge images taken from Young House Love and all others were take from links directly above them.


  1. How crazy is that! I am so sorry you guys are in the limbo stage of waiting and you couldn't do your project. Mine was a challenge to say the least! I'm trying to finish the how-to post by Friday.
    Will you also tell me if noreply email pops up with my name when you check this comment. Thanks my friend.

  2. The situation does suck but I try to remain as optimistic as I can. Locke fixed the truck last night. Since he is a self-proclaimed "Handy SOB" all we had to do was pay for the part and he installed it. Thank goodness, because one of Locke's co-workers paid around $1,000 to fix the same problem in his truck. Today we are off to the Aquarium again and I drill this weekend so my challenge may still be delayed. I will get mine in though! I have to! They are accepting submissions for another 4 days. It's my mission! Hope you have a great weekend.

    BTW, I emailed you from my email. It does show up as noreply.


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