Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Antiquing for the day...

How was your Monday?

Here's a sneak peak to how mine was:

We have family in town this week all the way from West Virginia.  They are staying at my parents place.

I love it when family and friends come to visit!  We usually end up doing things with them we don't normally do, not because we don't want to, but because our daily life sometimes gets in the way of enjoying the great places we have surrounding us.  

The first place Locke and I ever lived together was Staten Island, New York.  We absolutely LOVED it there!  We were within 3-4 hours from his family in Upstate NY and often had company visit us from out of town.  We saw a lot of the sites New York City had to offer but we didn't see it all and we didn't see it often enough it seemed.  I always wanted to go to Times Square for New Years Eve and each year we said we'd go next year.  Before we knew it, we had received orders to San Juan, Puerto Rico and realized all these things we said we wanted to do, we never did.  

I don't want that to happen to us while we are here in Florida.  I know it will with something though.  

One thing I am really hoping we do before we move to Indiana is go to Disney as a family for a nice long weekend.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen.  It would mean the world to us to see the girls faces light up when they see the castle and all of the Disney characters for the first time!

I'm getting a bit off the subject...

My Uncle Victors wife, Aracelis, loves antiques!  Of course, you must go anitquing to find antiques and that is something my mom and I love to do together as well.  I went to my parents this morning and when everyone was ready {and Zoe woke up from her nap-she fell asleep in the car} we hopped into our cars and made our way to Plant City.  Home of the Strawberry Festival, Plant City is a super cute little town filled with Antiqiue shops, restaurants, monthly car shows among other things.  When they visit, Aracelis makes sure we visit some of the shops in the area and Plant City is always on the list.  We definitely don't mind!  

Mia & Zoe weren't on their best behavior today.  Actually, they were kind of crazy!  I made the mistake of not bringing a stroller for Zoe so I didn't get to look at a leisurely pace and one of us had to hold her the entire time, mostly me because that was all she wanted.  I ended up leaving before my parents and Aunt & Uncle did.  That's OK, because I did score some pretty neat things though.

Here were my finds {and one of mom's} for the day.  Some I purchased and some I did not.

Sorry for the quality of the pics, they were taken with my iPhone.

What do you see here that stands out?

Hmmm....what do you think about this sign?

I see something shiny in there!

It was another tray to make a chalkboard.  My mom loved mine and so we had set out to find a try for her.  Not as cheap as my $1 find at Goodwill, but this tray is nicer and much heavier than the ones I purchased.

Even Zoe was getting in on the antiquing action!

Look at what she helped me find!  I'm starting a little collection of measuring spoons.  

Here are my measuring spoons together with a vintage looking Canada Niagara Falls dish towel. That was $2.50.

I wish it was from the New York side of Niagara Falls!  Brings back good memories of our trips there.

Oh, how I WISH I could have bought this!  It was a Seeger Ice Box and it was AH-MA-ZING!!!  These photos just do not do it justice.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford to spend $675.  Maybe someday...

Here was my last {and favorite} find of the day.  A vintage milk can.  I've always wanted one of these. The first time I had the opportunity to buy one, I was junkin' with my MIL and there was one double the size of this.  It had white enamel paint and was perfectly "weathered" AND only $10!  I don't know what I was thinking, but I did not buy it.  So, this is my first one.  See how it was hiding there on the left?

What was your last find?

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