Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Crazy in our house this morning!

Oh, my...

Do you want to know why I didn't have a post up this morning?

A little someone with chubby fingers, who will remain nameless {Zoe}, decided she wanted to help with Mami's project this morning.  

As I was putting my last clear coat on the table I am working on, someone came up behind me and decided to see if the paint was dry yet. 

Well, guess what?  


This is what I felt like saying:


This is how I feel right now:
 I don't want to be frustrated.  I love our girls to pieces.  

Sometimes I feel that I'm not a good enough mami.  I want to do it all for my family and I am always far from it.  I just want to do my best.  I don't want to loose my temper.  I want to be the mami tha
{As I wrote that last "a" Zoe decided it was time to play with the power surge protector the computer is plugged into.  Thank goodness I save as I go.  This is what I'm talking about.  How do I keep my cool?  She knows she's not supposed to touch that button.  I've told her multiple times!  I know, it's because she's a curious little toddler. Keep your cool Melissa!}
...that others look to and say, "She's got it together!"

I am so thankful for Mami's time out when my husband says, "Baby, I know you need a break.  I'll take care of the girls, you go and spend some time by yourself."

I don't know what I would do without those breaks.  We all need them.  

Do you ever feel this way?  I know I can't be alone.  

What do you do to catch a break?

Do you get a break?

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  1. Oh my yes! I have a toddler and a pre-teen, and I think it's harder for me with the pre-T, because he should just KNOW better. But, the hormones are surging. Breaks? What are those? I get them on occasion, but tend to fill them with all the running and necessities that I need to catch up on. Time truly for me? Hhhmm, maybe when the kiddos are making their own families. :-)

    1. The time that I get for JUST ME is pretty limited! We also have my husbands oldest daughter who lives with us {18 & from his previous marriage} who helps on occasion with her sisters but drives me crazy at times herself!

      Someday we will have time for ourselves Jen...someday!

  2. I feel like that EVERYDAY! I feels nothing ever gets done in this house because everything gets interrupted. I can't read, I can't cook, I can't bake, I only have so little time to sit on the computer, clean the bathrooms, brush my teeth, my hair and get some decent clothes on. It is a mine field I tell you!

    1. Thank Berlitz, everyday is RIGHT! Everything gets interrupted here. Nothing ever gets completed. I clean up toys and when I look behind me, there they are again. Sometimes the meals I cook are not up to par because I just want to do something quick to get everyone fed, bathed and in bed. Cleaning, really cleaning, is very hard to get done. How am I supposed to leave the two toddler girls in the living room while I go to my bathroom in my room and scrub the shower and toilet? Who knows what they'd get into if I tried? Oh, I know, they can spill a brand new bottle of honey on an upholstered dining room chair and all over the dining room floor. Like Jen said, time to ourselves and a clean house will come when our little ones are out of the house!


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