Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Congrats to our first graduate!

Last night we celebrated the first High School Graduation of one of our daughters, Kelsey Shea!

We couldn't be prouder of you and your accomplishments Kelsey!


 It was a wonderful night spent with family and friends!
 Afterwards, we couldn't forget the celebratory dinner, so we stopped by Steak & Shake and had burgers, fries and milk shakes!
Do you have a graduate in your family this year? 

My brother also graduated from the University of Alaska Southeast with Bachelor of Arts.  

Congratulations to you as well Ryan!  

I love you!

See where I party today HERE.



  1. YAY, what an accomplishment, something to celebrate for sure!

    I don't have anyone graduating this year, but my one and only son will be graduating next year. Eeek!

    1. Thank you Sharon! We are definitely proud of my step-daughter. Something to celebrate for sure! I'm sure your son is excited to start his Senior year. :)


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