Friday, June 1, 2012

A trip to heaven...aka Pottery Barn!


 Earlier this week, my parents, the girls and I took a trip to The Shops at Wiregrass to shop at Pottery Barn!  My parents purchased some furniture from there recently and they had a store credit that was about to expire.  That would have been a disgrace!  So of course, we used that as an excuse to do some shopping.  I was there for my mom though.  My parents were the ones spending the mula that day!

From the moment I saw the store front I was giddy!  When we walked into the store, even Mia oohed and aahed.  That's my girl!

It was hard to choose, but I took little snipets with my iPhone of some of my favorite things in the store, mostly accessories.  

The outdoor Ikat pillow in the back and the one in the middle were my favorites!  I love them so much, I would them inside.  Especially the blue one.

 I loved the frames hung by what looked like doorknobs.  I'll have to remember that one for the new house.

This Hayden Zig Zag rug in porcelain blue is to die for!  It's obvious others like it to because it's on backorder.  I so want one.  Baby, can you buy it for me?

The Tivoli Console Table in Tuscan Chestnut Stain was beautiful.  It would look perfect behind our couch...

I loved the Holman Shelves because they are deep.  You can put so much more than just frames and that appeals to me.  Not sure if I would splurge on this one or not.  Maybe I can have my love make some for me?  Or maybe I'll just buy them...

The Caged Glass Table Lamp is something that I now have to have.  I just don't think I can fork over $169 for a lamp.  I'll finangle some kind of DIY project out of this one.  Just wait and see!  

The Sunflower Embroidered Pillows were lovely. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.  I don't know if I would ever buy these pillows for my home, but they sure are pretty to look at!

That's my dad there cheesing big time!  He's very happy because he thought he was going to leave the store spending tons of cash, but between a military discount and the store credit, he only spent $12!  

This is what they actually ended up buying.  The Butterfly Duvet Cover and Shams and the Vintage Ticking Stripes Shams.  I can't wait to see them in their bedroom.  My mom is very happy as well as you can see.  My mom and I are in cahoots {ssshhhh...don't tell my dad} to paint their bedroom furniture.  What she wants to do will look beautiful along with these linens!

We couldn't leave Wiregrass without the girls going for a ride on the train!  Their Abu {Grandpa} spoiled them with a ride and they loved every moment of it.  Thank you Abu!

We all had to get a moment of relaxation in on the beautiful rockers they have there as well.  I'd love to have a few of these on a nice wrap around porch... Hey, a girl can dream!

We went to Ikea yesterday too!  It was a fun week of shopping.

What kind of shopping have you been up to?

See where I party today HERE.


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