Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mia's first day of school!

Hi ya'll!

The unpacking has not ended!  Every time I unpack one box and turn around to get the next one opened it seems as if they have multiplied!

Mia started her first week of Pre-Kindergarten this past week.  She has done very well.  No tears.  All smiles.  She didn't even want to leave today!  I had to stay another 15 minutes or so that she could play in the park with her friends.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Taking a short break...

I'll be back soon.  Probably in a week or two.  Right now I need to take care of my family.  

For those of you who have been following the last few weeks {months really} 

we finally found a home to rent!  

Next week this time I should be dealing with movers and unpacking my household goods.  We cannot be more excited and relieved! 

After that's done, my parents will be bringing our little ones back.  This is the longest Locke and I have ever been away from Mia and Zoe and we HATE IT!  We know that they are in the best hands but it's still hard.  So the following week I want to devote it just to them and exploring the new town we'll be living in.  

I'll still be checking up on your blogs and following up on any comments that I receive on my posts, so keep 'em coming!

Thanks for understanding and being such good "friends"!


See where I party today HERE.

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