Thursday, July 25, 2013

self-professed pinning addict

Who's addicted to Pinterest?  

Raise your hand!

Yes, it can be a complete time guzzler, but Pinterest is also a one stop shop for almost anything you want or need to find.  Even things you never knew you'd want or need!  Pinterest gets the credit for everything. I used to catch myself saying, "Oh, I found that on Pinterest!" Now I try to remember to always say, "I found it THROUGH Pinterest."

Some of my favorite Pinterest Boards

When we were preparing for our move from Indiana, we knew that our things would be in storage until October because of the renters in our house.  We hated the idea of having to pay for storage {by the time we paid for storage for 8 months, we could buy new furniture} so we decided to sell most of our furniture.  We only kept our master bedroom set and a few other pieces that we really love.  The rest is in my parents 3 car garage which is busting at the seams.  

Kitchen Inspiration Board

Before we move back into our house, theres a couple of things we'd like to do.  Replace the carpet in the bedrooms and paint the walls.  I really want to paint the walls white, but I don't think Locke is too keen on that idea.  We may have to compromise on something else.  Maybe a very light grey?  I'm feeling like I want a bright and airy feel vs. warm and cozy.

I also want to paint our kitchen cabinets, but that's a project that may have to wait a little while longer.  I'm thinking mint green.  That's something else I may have to convince Locke of over the next 8 months! If not mint green, than I was thinking white on the top cabinets and maybe a charcoal grey on the bottom.   

I'm sure when he reads this he'll be shaking his head and looking over at me like I've gone crazy! 

Our Kitchen
Whatever we decide on doing, theres gonna be mint green somewhere! I love this kitchen cause it resembles our kitchen in with the black countertops.  I love the contrast between the light and dark and the modern stainless steel together with the rustic island.




We've always wanted barstools for the bar top but could never agree on something.  Or, if we liked one, the price was ridiculous.  One way to do something affordable would be to purchase inexpensive wooden round top stool and paint it a funky color like these.


What I really have my heart set on are stools like these though!


Our dining room is in need of some love too.  We sold the dining room table and chairs but still have the buffet table.  That'll probably be getting a makeover at some point.  Not sure yet what I want to do with it though.  Any suggestions?  I haven't tried Annie Sloan paints so I'll probably be using that.  

Our Dining Room

Whatever we end up doing for a dining room table, I know that I'd love to have mismatched chairs like these!


Maybe I'll use my Instagram photos to repurpose the canvas and make some new wall art like my friend Mandy at This Girls Life.


 So, what do you say?  Do you have a Pinterest board that you love to pin to most?  What do you think about my kitchen ideas?  Mint cabinets?  Am I crazy?  You tell me.

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